Giving Children A Brighter Tomorrow

Under the searing weather in the middle of a pandemic, a team from Nfinite I.T. Solutions and BeeGiver Foundation together with Bohol Transport Cooperative journeyed to an island in the north of Bohol Sea. There in Panglao, children who were abandoned and have so little were given food and necessities but more than material things, they were given a sliver of hope. Hope that they were not forgotten by the society they are living in.

In the morning of August 6, 2022, Nfinite, BeeGiver and Bohol Transpo visited the children in Holy Trinity Angel Orphanage carrying boxes of delicious food, milk, diapers and other essentials. The scorching sun can’t compare to the warmth they received from the children who welcomed them with open arms. The sense of relief and accomplishment the team felt seeing the children smile and hear their laughter was incomparable. To witness such happiness from people who experienced lost at such a young age is nothing short of inspiring.

These children have proven that in this materialistic world, an act of service, no matter how insignificant it seems, can sometimes occupy the biggest part of someone’s heart.

A Lifetime Opportunity - Tiu Family