A spark of Hope

It was December 16 2021, when the devastating typhoon Odette hit Siargao Island. Businesses closed down and most properties were severely damaged. Which was the darkest hour of most locals. Their livelihoods were greatly affected and the children were forced to stop their education due to this great ordeal.

Moving forward to 10 months from the said disaster, we have seen outpouring support from private to public agencies and individuals, to help recuperate the tarnished jewel of the northeastern coast of Mindanao. The day seemed to stand still despite the unrelenting support, people continue to recover what they have lost. And for these affected children it has caused them time—lost in their education.

Time may have been wasted but what kept the people of Siargao from moving forward is their unyielding hope for a better tomorrow. Which is one of the principles Nfinite IT Solutions Services Inc. lives by.

Through the initiative of Beegiver, a foundation established by the company, a group of volunteers from Nfinite made their way to a daycare center that was ravaged by the typhoon. They provided learning materials and other goods to every child in the vicinity on October 4, 2022. The support of the company towards the education of these young learners has moved the hearts of the community. With great smile, a spark of hope has been seen through the eyes of these children.

Beegiver will always favour the people in need above all others. Its motivation to help and bring hope is not fueled by the present but what is promised hereafter.

Giving Children A Brighter Tomorrow